This page will hold character information as bits of backstory are discovered and major feats accomplished, but for now – just the basics.

Kron Thunderheart of Thunderheart Incorporated is a 125 year old male, Dwarven Wizard. He spent the last 30 years in the human settlement of Waterdeep but not much is know about his life before. He started the Thunderheart Incorporated adventuring guild 8 years ago with Gehn, a male, Dragonborn Paladin.

Soon they will happen upon adventure that will require additional forces, leading them to cross paths with Methos, the crafty male Half-elf Ranger, Jelenneth, the 287 year old, beautiful and slightly frightening female Eladrin Warlord and Servitor Tutela, a mysterious Deva Avenger in his 338th incarnation.

Adventure, danger, and treasure awaits!

Servitor Tutela
The Lady of Fate’s First Lieutenant

I hear her whispers once more, faint but clear. I must take up her mantle once more and cleanse the land of chaos. Just like times past. – 338th Incarnation of Servitor Tutela

Currently in his 338th incarnation, Tutela is a warrior in the service of the Primordial known to him as the Lady of Fate. Hundreds of lifetimes have given him a strange view of the world around him. The holy symbol around his neck tick-tocks softly, like the heartbeat he never had. Never rushed, Tutela made his way to the tallest mountain of the Cloud Peaks. While it has been eons since he was last here, he knew the way, never missing a step. Amongst the cloud line lay a beautiful temple made of copper and quartz. The Temple of Om began to stir as he approached, awakened by the ticking that took place beneath his robes.

His quarters were just as he left them. Tutela was a minimalist, which is normal for his kind, and his room had nothing more than a small cot, a chest, and a journal. The chest contained more fitting attire for the First Lieutenant in the service of a primordial, robes of white with copper trim. Below that lay his weapon, an axe of epic proportions made from a metal only found in the elemental chaos. He hefted the axe onto his newly robed shoulders with ease, the Lady’s power moving the weapon more than his own muscles.

As he stepped out of the Temple he could hear its own heartbeat, in time with his timepiece, growing louder and he knew others would be on their way. Tutela stepped back into the clouds, lost in the water vapors he wondered where the Lady wished him to go next.


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