Episode 1 – Thunderheart Inc.

Episode 1 – Thunderheart Inc.

“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.”
 – Terry Pratchett

     Gehn entered the tavern and was overcome by the smell. The smells of ale, urine, and uncleanliness hit his nostrils like a stench from a goblin arse. His entrance failed to bring any notice, as the bar was full of all types. The Rotten Apple was a hideout for all those that wanted to stay away from the sickening beauty and magic of Silverymoon, and have a quiet pint. The owner had even gotten the brawls down to only one or three a week.
     Pushing his way to the bar, Gehn the dragonborn paladin, waved down the barkeep. The old man put down the mug he was wiping and asked, “What can I do for you?”
     “Help,” said Gehn, “I need a few strong arms to find a friend’s brother.” Gehn’s stature and weapons told the barkeep all he needed to know.
     “Look around mate,” he said pointing around the tavern, “there has got to be a few souls willing to help out a big … guy like you.” With that he went back to wiping his mug, not really cleaning it as much as evenly spreading the grime.
A robed figure approached Gehn, cowl pulled far over their head. Gehn noticed the skin of this character was a deep blue and he carried a giant axe with ease, which belied his strength.
     “Need help?” he said, removing his cowl revealing a hairless blue face, “Maybe I can be of assistance. Chocolate?” The last part came as a surprise to the dragonborn as the deva offered a piece of candy, but the deva’s smile was hard to resist and Gehn accepted the offering.
     “I am putting together a search party to find someone,” Gehn spoke through intermittent chewing, “up north in the Nether Mountains. A few guards that accompanied a mining guild are possibly in trouble. Are you interested?”
“Sure. We’ll need more than just the two of us though. The name is Tutela, by the way. You sir,” Tutela pointed towards an eladrin that seemed to be paying attention to the conversation, “ need some work?”
     “The name is Jelenneth,” said the eladrin standing up from her chair, “ and the proper title is ‘ma’am’.” The two stepped back, as neither had seen an eladrin so war-weary. Scars crisscrossed her face creating a macabre of past battles. “I could help I suppose, I’ve grown tired of this town and its people.” Jelenneth adjusted her armor and checked the blade of her sword, all the while ignoring the deva’s offer of chocolate.
     “What’s in it for me?” a half-elf said, approaching the group with his bow slung across his shoulder.
     “Well, what can you do for the party?” Gehn seemed to have rehearsed the line.
     Offering chocolate, Tutela spoke up, “You any good with that bow?”
     The half-elf seemed perplexed by the question, lost in thought he answered, “ Oh this? Yeah, I’m real good with it. My name is Methos, so what are we doing again?” Methos seemed relieved to be done speaking.
     Gehn looked at the four of them and hoped this would be enough. With his companion Kron nowhere to be found, he had to lead this group alone. Thunderheart Incorporated was Kron’s attempt at an adventuring guild, and Gehn was the only other member. Perhaps these adventurers could flesh out the ranks of the guild.
     “There is a diviner that lives just east of the town of Everlund. Alistaire is his name; he is a recluse that lives in his tower. For him to ask for help means he must have seen something, perhaps in a vision. Alistaire’s brother and friend, who are part of the Everlund city guard, were sent as protection with a group of miners who believed to have found a rich mithril vein. Alistaire thinks they are in trouble. “ Gehn stopped, looking for any signs of confusion before continuing, “We will be going to this mine, and making sure everything is safe. Since they might have been attacked, I need some people with combat skills.”
     “Do we know the exact location of this mine?” Jelenneth spoke like a seasoned warrior, and Gehn was positive he would be glad to have someone like her on his side in a fight.
     “No, we don’t know its exact location. I assume we could speak to Alistaire to find out more information,” Gehn answered.
     Tutela spoke at this point, “Why don’t we ask the guard captain? I mean he sent his men with the miners. He would probably know where they were going.”
     The group seemed to nod in agreement.
     “Then its off to Everlund,” announced Gehn, “to find out more information on this mine. Pay your tabs, we are leaving.”

Coming Soon – Descending into Coppernight Hold


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