I have lost all faith…in FedexKinko’s

Well, this past week I had all the new players using the D&D Insider character creator program to help them build their character, select weapons/armor and have the character sheets properly formatted. I then took all their character sheets (including power cards) in PDF format to the FedexKinko’s website for printing. I setup 2 print jobs, “Print Job 1” with 4 PDFs with just the character sheets to be printed on plain paper in black and white, and “Print Job 2” with 4 PDFs of the power cards to be printed in color on the heaviest cardstock available.


Easy breezy, right? …wrong

When I went to pick up my print jobs, I was presented with the character sheets from “Print Job 1” as expected. When I got to the cardstock, it turns out “Print Job 2” was never actually printed, but “Print Job 1” printed in it’s place on the cardstock and in color. Not too bad, just inconvient that my print jobs weren’t completed per my selections and it took a few extra minutes to get the 2nd print job back. But then, when I got home and was cutting the power cards out, I noticed Methos’ character sheet was missing from both versions of “Print Job 1”. Now, maybe I’m being too harsh on FedexKinko’s, but isn’t it their job to print the stuff I send them?? First I thought maybe I didn’t include Methos’ character sheet, but a quick check on the FedexKinko’s website shows it there:


Ah well, enough complaining. I cut out all the power cards and put them in these nice sleeves:


They’re normally for Yu-Gi-Oh or something like that, but they fit perfectly for the D&D Power Cards! I can’t wait until Thursday night!


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