Dungeon Delves #1 – Part 1

Well, I’ve begun working on some 3D terrain pieces for the first delve listed in the dungeon delves book. Take a look at my (admittedly slow) progress. These pictures are from my iPhone and auto-resized by wordpress, so I hope they turn out alright.

Ah…the unadulterated piece of foam. An empty canvas for the taking.

I started by marking off the 1″ squares to help me keep perspective while cutting.

Next I started working on the corners. There’s supposed to be a lot of rubble here in the end, so I roughed it up a bit and will add rubble-y pieces to it later.

Here’s an overhead shot showing both corners.

Next, I either forgot I was taking pictures for this blog, or decided I didn’t want to share my hole cutting secrets…because the next picture is from about an hour later. I cut out the center piece, made and glued stairs in and added the hole (entrance to the underground dungeon).

I still have quite a bit of refining to go but in the end I’m hoping to have something pretty close to this:

delve 1-1

Next: Dungeon Delves #1 – Part 2


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