New Website!

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Hey everyone,

If you’re still coming here to the old WordPress site, you can see I haven’t updated it in a loooooong time. That is because I started my own site a while back and moved over all these old posts. Check it out at!


My apologies

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Sorry there hasn’t been an update in a while. Things have been busy but I’m working on the rest of session one and session two.

Stay tuned!

Episode 1 – Thunderheart Inc.

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Episode 1 – Thunderheart Inc.

“In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.”
 – Terry Pratchett

     Gehn entered the tavern and was overcome by the smell. The smells of ale, urine, and uncleanliness hit his nostrils like a stench from a goblin arse. His entrance failed to bring any notice, as the bar was full of all types. The Rotten Apple was a hideout for all those that wanted to stay away from the sickening beauty and magic of Silverymoon, and have a quiet pint. The owner had even gotten the brawls down to only one or three a week.
     Pushing his way to the bar, Gehn the dragonborn paladin, waved down the barkeep. The old man put down the mug he was wiping and asked, “What can I do for you?”
     “Help,” said Gehn, “I need a few strong arms to find a friend’s brother.” Gehn’s stature and weapons told the barkeep all he needed to know. Continue reading

D&D – New Campaign, First Session

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g07_d20I’ve had a few emails asking how the game went on Thursday…never fear, an update of belletristic literature is in the works and almost complete! Stay tuned!!!

I have lost all faith…in FedexKinko’s

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Well, this past week I had all the new players using the D&D Insider character creator program to help them build their character, select weapons/armor and have the character sheets properly formatted. I then took all their character sheets (including power cards) in PDF format to the FedexKinko’s website for printing. I setup 2 print jobs, “Print Job 1” with 4 PDFs with just the character sheets to be printed on plain paper in black and white, and “Print Job 2” with 4 PDFs of the power cards to be printed in color on the heaviest cardstock available.


Easy breezy, right? …wrong Continue reading

Is Dungeons & Dragons Evil? – Part 2: Character Alignment

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Previous: Is Dungeons & Dragons Evil? – Part 1: Introduction

Character Alignment

What is character alignment? According to the D&D Player’s Handbook, character alignment is:

“…your character’s dedication to a set of moral principles… …in a cosmic sense, it’s the team you believe in and fight for most strongly.” Continue reading

Is Dungeons & Dragons Evil? – Part 1: Introduction

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Upon announcing that I’d be hosting a Dungeons & Dragons party, I was immediately looked down upon and told “Dungeons & Dragons is evil and leads to witchcraft and Satanic worship! Why would you do this?!?”. I was shocked by this response and more so as it was presented by educated, well spoken, and generally open-minded people.

Dungeons & Dragons draws it’s roots from Continue reading